Southern Skys Mammoth Donkeys NSW Australia


  "Morena "will be available only to the best of homes after weaning summer 2012. $6,500 Enquiries from genuine & expereinced equine lovers  welcome.

    Southern Skys Morena is a beautiful jenny.Photo aged 3 weeks.

Dam Y2K 14.1"hh -57ïnches (Coyote Lane Tookay imp USA )

Sire RMS Doppler imp USA 14.3"hh (59ïnches)

Both parents are Imp USA,and are of good conformation  and nature.Morena will be foal registered Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia American Mammoth 100%.Vaccinated,freeze branded ,hoof trimmed ,wormed & regulary handled during her foal months, loved and taught basics such as hoof handling ,leading , tying up and floating.



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 A rare opportunity to make this special Mammoth donkey part of your family.

''Southern Skys'Carbonero'' is a 100% Mammoth gelding foaled Nov 2010.(Photo aged 10mnths)His dam is Hilary and sired by Abe (see them in   our photo album) both  good-looking active saddle donkeys at 14.2HH&14HH ,suited to most adults.Both successfully shown at Canberra Royal.Carbonero is a very friendly riding or driving prospect,he is nearly 13hh already ,and has much more growing to do.

Carbonero was suitable to leave entire,however he has been gelded to make a future as a saddle and/or harness donkey .He is the only 100% Mammoth gelding ever offered for sale in Australia. Already well handled,has been successfully shown and floated .Ties,leads,feet regularly trimmed,wormed & vac.Registered with  Donkey All BreedsSocietyAustralia- Amer Mammoth100%  studbook level .ONLY To suitable &kind home,where he can grow and learn.




  Our friendly donkeys can sometimes be seen out at shows, such as Canberra Royal or smaller local shows, or being ridden or driven, pulling a sled , firewood, carrying a pack, or just being loved and enjoyed as part of our family. However being such a rare Breed of equine, we remember the time before ,how we longed for a big donkeys when they were not available in Australia ,and so now breed a few to share the Mammoth love with others keen to own one and   promote this wonderful Breed in the future.

Our Foals-Carbonero is the last of our 3 x 2010 foals. We will have no more until autumn 2012.They will be out of our lovely jennets Tookay, Hilary& Mopoke, and this time sired by our handsome and dapper jack "Doppler". Breeding just a few, allows every jennet and her pregnancy to be treated as an individual ,and we aim to be present at every foals birth. If you are interested, get in touch and be on our email 'wish list' and from time to time we will update you with photos and news of the jenny's pregnancy progress and photos .If you would like to be a future owner, you can get to know the jennet and her foal long before you need make a decision.

*All donkeys need a kind and caring home where they will be loved and educated and enjoyed for their friendly personalities and intelligence .Foal hood is a short and fleeting time, an adult donkey who is educated and confident is the ultimate goal. Never buy a foal for the cuteness factor   as that is fleeting .Do it only if   because you have  expereince time and space in your life for an adult donkey friend or 2  for years to come; have fun, enjoy and educate them,as if  ever one's lifeplan unexpectedly changes,a friendly educated    co-operative donkey will find a welcome party of people who are looking for just that.Never   buy an ungelded Jack(stallion),unless you are a very  expereinced and have a definate goal  and   facilities for safely keeping a a jack.If you care about responsible breeding- buy from  responsible breeders/owners and be one yourself .





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